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Contrary to popular belief, technology is not leading to social isolation and Americans who use the Internet and mobile phones have larger and more diverse social networks, according to a new study.

An AFP report said that people's social worlds are enhanced by new communication technologies like the Internet, e-mail and social networks.

The Study discovered that those who use the Internet and mobile phones have notable social advantages because they use technology to stay in touch and share information in ways that keep them socially active and connected to their communities.

The tech world has known all along that Internet tools enhance communication and social relationships.

People tend to see the interaction between a person and a computer isolation. But families with children living away from them realize that Facebook and e-mail can keep both parties updated on their lives.

A harder attitude to crack is people's mindset towards gaming. It should not be viewed as an isolated activity nor should people be colored by the violence they see in some games.

Online gaming needs strategy and requires the cooperation of all gamers who may be neighbors or located thousands of miles away.

Via The Straits Times


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