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Microsoft has done up a showcase for the new Windows Phone 7. I have to say the video pretty well done compared to some of their Bing videos. In the video, they mentioned that current smart phone let you use apps "only one at a time, in and out. So what do we do now? We start over."

It seems most of the Microsoft services and products such as Xbox Live, Office, Messenger etc. will now have low level integration with Windows Phone 7. Awesome.

Catch the video here:

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Microsoft just unveiled the new Windows Live Essentials and the role it plays in completing the Windows experience. Essentials is a suite of free software and services which includes Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, and Movie Maker – as well as Sync and Family Safety.

We all take a lot of photos and videos that we love to share. Windows Live Photo Gallery and Movie Maker now comes with intuitive tools for organizing photos and movies, in addition to providing consumers with the tools to polish and then share their content online. Some of my favorites include:

-          Photo Fuse.  Allowing you to take the best parts of similar photos and fuse them together into one “perfect” photo
-          Retouch. A great new feature which allows you to get rid of blemishes, scratches, bruises and stains on photos in a few clicks
-          Precision Video and Audio Editing.  Make it so simple for you to find  the sweet spot for each video or audio clip
-          High-Definition Formats (720p and 1080p). Now you can make your movies look even more polished and professional

Finally, a new tool introduced in the Windows Live Essentials family, Windows Live Sync. With Sync, you can access your files and folders on the web – even if your PC is offline.

Learn more about the new Windows Live Essentials at

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Microsoft just gave a sneak peek to the new Window Live Hotmail, representing the next generation in personal email. Practical innovations has been introduced to help people manage the clutter and regain control of their inboxes – efficiently and the new features will become available to customers world-wide from mid-2010. 

A quick overview of the key updates:

Stay better organized
Today’s inboxes are overflowing with mail that most people consider junk, even though it’s mail that’s legitimate.  To help keep inboxes clean and organized, the new Hotmail delivers the first and only virtual broom, enabling customers to easily “sweep” unwanted mail out of their inbox.  It also helps cut through clutter with intelligent filters that in a single click will filter the entire inbox to show mail just from contacts, just social network alerts, or just mail from the groups users belong to.

Manage your social networks from your inbox
With the new Hotmail, customers will be able to see rich previews of photos and videos from popular sites like Flickr, YouTube, Hulu and SmugMug, and see the status of tracked packages in real time, inside their emails. They’ll also be able to accept invitations to connect with someone on a social or professional networking site like LinkedIn – all from the convenience of their inboxes. 

Increased attachment size
One of the biggest changes to Hotmail is the increased ability to manage and share personal photos and documents. Today, people are sharing over 1.5 billion photos and   350 million Microsoft Office documents per month in Hotmail.  Still, the “attachment size problem” remains, regardless of which mail service people use.  The new Hotmail lets’ customers send up 10 GB of attachments (200 attachments – each up to 50 MB in size) in a single message, erasing worries of attachment size limits. 

You can also find out more at

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Microsoft boss, Steve Ballmer, just gave a fantastic preview of the new Windows Live Messenger as part of a discussion with students at the Universidade de Sao Paulo. This marks the first official look at Windows Live Wave 4, with additional disclosure moments happening around Hotmail and Essentials in the coming months.

At the event, Steve highlighted some of cool features of the new Messenger. Some of my favorites include:
-     -  World’s best IM.  Letting you enjoy rich, beautiful chat experiences that enhance your conversations with photos, videos and your webcam.  Our goal is to improve those personal interactions with your close friends, so that you continue to connect in even richer ways with the people you care about most.

-     -  Best way to stay in touch with close friends and what they’re doing across the web. The new Messenger is the most complete view of what your friends are doing across the web with a specific focus on prioritizing and helping you stay in touch with the people that matter most and delivering this in a rich and enjoyable fashion

 For more information, check out the links below:
·         Watch a new Messenger launch video at
·         Watch Steve’s presentation from Brazil at
·         Read the announcement blog post for details at

Via Microsoft

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A new research during a 13 month period study at Google's malware detection infrastructure revealed that more than 11,000 domains were involved in the distribution of rouge antivruses.

"An analysis of 240 million Web pages collected by Google’s malware detection infrastructure over a 13-month period discovered more than 11,000 domains involved in the distribution of rogue antivirus (AV). While that may be a small overall percentage, Google’s research found that fake AV accounts for 60 percent of the malware discovered on domains that include trending keywords "

Simply looking at the list of well known Malware URLs listed on our forums show that a single rogue uses so many domains just to market themselves. Domains can have separate use for fake scanners, downloading, purchases, and "blocking websites" the victim is trying to visit.

Further reading: eWeek

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In hopes of being short today on my thoughts about Google versus Yahoo! I think this whole copying thing is starting to get out of hand.

Long ago, Yahoo! made its own social bookmark/news service, called Yahoo! Buzz (2008). It is a lot like Digg, and has pretty good popularity.

However, Google very recently released their status update service called Google Buzz. Now, why did Google have to copy off of Yahoo!?

The difference between the two would probably be the privacy levels. Obviously they are two different services, so that is a no brainer there.

Now, it is unknown why this move was made by Google, but only time will tell of potential disputes between the two powerhouse search companies.

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Seems "Tom" was everybody's friend. Always the first friend due to child safety issues. It was the assurance that children's profiles were being watched. Now, that has changed with MySpace Today taking that place.

It seems Tom, better known as Thomas Anderson - co-founder of MySpace, has not logged in to his self-MySpace account since the end of January, and has not posted a status update since Christmas.

What is the big deal with this? Does that mean Tom has been replaced? No. But, instead of being President, Tom is now the Strategic Adviser.

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Not sure how long you have been on the Internet, but I remember the 1990s and early 2000s when spam was already severe. Spam is the shameless plugs made by companies in order to gain an illegal advantage in advertising. Most spam is considered negative, and can really deteriorate certain websites.

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Microsoft has made many attempts lately, to throw the blame off of themselves. One attempt recently, is that they were saying certain hardware issues are not because of Windows 7. However, Intel and nVidia recently released updates for video cards because of Windows Sleep Mode failing to function properly. On resume from Sleep Mode, Windows would not recover properly, and would turn Windows Aero off.

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In the online world, seems like parents are searching for ways to keep their children safe on the Internet.

I have provided some resources that will be of good use.


Online safety is a good thing, so do not compromise your safety by being unaware. Get aware!

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Seems in today's computer world, we have people who think that they are immune to attacks or do not need a bunch of protection - despite their disgusting browsing habits. Some people don't have an antivirus, some not a firewall, and most do not have antispyware.

Antivirus software is the number one most critical component to computer security. The number two most critical component is a firewall. Number three most critical component is antispyware.

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About a month after Twitter unveiled their new mobile interface at All the mobile traffic (on the iPhone at least) is being redirect from the old to I noticed this at about 1700 +8GMT yesterday. Take a look at some screenshots of the new interface after the jump if you haven't already.

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Even after the release of Firefox 3.6, Chrome still holds the fastest speed for rendering JavaScript. Internet Explorer, as usual, is the slowest.

Firefox renders JavaScript three times faster than Opera 10 and more than four times faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). But even with the JavaScript speed boost, Firefox 3.6 can't match Safari or Chrome. Safari is twice as fast -- and Chrome 4.0 nearly twice as fast -- as Firefox.

SunSpider JavaScript benchmark results. Times are in milliseconds. Smaller numbers are better.

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Via Mashable, Lalawag

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