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Every webmaster or Web developer would agree that IE6 sucks. Why? Because it doesn't support many modern features for more sophisticated sites and even applications. Microsoft too, acknowledges that it's holding back development of the Internet, too. Good thing Microsoft initiated a campaign urging users of the 8 year old IE6 to upgrade. Part of this campaign can be seen in the video below.

Microsoft is targeting with a campaign that runs through June 2010 to show that IE8 is a better alternative.

"What we're doing with the outreach is help users understand how to protect themselves against social engineering threats that exist and to help people understand how Internet Explorer 8 puts people in control of their own privacy online," said Ryan Servatius, senior product manager for Internet Explorer. Security was one of the big problems with IE 6, and Microsoft now boasts that security features in IE 8 block 2 million malware sites a day.

Web developers like myself often gripe about having to support IE6. According to Net Applications' statistics, Internet Explorer 6 is still the most widely used browser, with 23.3 percent share of usage in October, followed by IE 7 at 18.2 percent and IE 8 at 18.1 percent. The newer browsers are gaining on IE 6, but so are rivals including Mozilla's Firefox, Apple's Safari, and Google's Chrome.

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