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This laptop has a super cool semi-transparent OLED screen! The screen's border is made of transparent plastic.

Manufactured by Samsung, they claimed it to be the world's first and largest transparent OLED prototype. Want to see it in action? View the video after the jump.

If you ask me, I'd definitely want one. Of course I wouldn't use it in public places, or else people could see everything I'm doing. It looks like it costs a bomb too.

Via Engadget


Unknown said...

Nice Laptop should run Linux

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool~~ But if there was stuff moving around behind the screen, it might be kinda distracting to focus on what's on the screen. Guess I've gotta try it before I can decide how useful it'd be for me.

Anonymous said...

Is it good enough for day time use (under sunlight)? Also is it possible to set the transparency?

Milton said...

Details of this laptop prototype are scarce, but I doubt you can set the transparency.

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