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Microsoft boss, Steve Ballmer, just gave a fantastic preview of the new Windows Live Messenger as part of a discussion with students at the Universidade de Sao Paulo. This marks the first official look at Windows Live Wave 4, with additional disclosure moments happening around Hotmail and Essentials in the coming months.

At the event, Steve highlighted some of cool features of the new Messenger. Some of my favorites include:
-     -  World’s best IM.  Letting you enjoy rich, beautiful chat experiences that enhance your conversations with photos, videos and your webcam.  Our goal is to improve those personal interactions with your close friends, so that you continue to connect in even richer ways with the people you care about most.

-     -  Best way to stay in touch with close friends and what they’re doing across the web. The new Messenger is the most complete view of what your friends are doing across the web with a specific focus on prioritizing and helping you stay in touch with the people that matter most and delivering this in a rich and enjoyable fashion

 For more information, check out the links below:
·         Watch a new Messenger launch video at
·         Watch Steve’s presentation from Brazil at
·         Read the announcement blog post for details at

Via Microsoft


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