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Citing his investigation into Apple's supply chain, analyst Yair Reiner claims that Apple will ramp up production of the wonderdevice  in February 2010. His date for the Second Coming of the JesusTablet: March or April. And apparently, it'll kill Kindle.

He says that Apple is offering 30/70 revenue split to book publishers. That's 30% for Apple, and 70% for publishers for a non-exclusive distribution contract. Amazon—who apparently has pissed off everyone in the book industry—only offers 30/70 for exclusives, and 50/50 for the rest. He claims that the Apple device will make "ebooks more relevant for education by simplifying functions such as scribbling marginalia."

As for the specs, he claims the same screen technology of the iPhone but in a 10.1-inch size, ironbarring the concept of a super-expensive OLED display—which I always thought was absolutely stupid.

Fine, Mr. Reiner, your predictions seem reasonable. But I reserve the right to ironbar you myself if they don't become true.

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i really can't wait To buy it

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