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Microsoft has made many attempts lately, to throw the blame off of themselves. One attempt recently, is that they were saying certain hardware issues are not because of Windows 7. However, Intel and nVidia recently released updates for video cards because of Windows Sleep Mode failing to function properly. On resume from Sleep Mode, Windows would not recover properly, and would turn Windows Aero off.
The user would either have to restart their computer, or try to turn Windows Aero back on. With the updates from the graphic card vendors, Windows 7 will now flash the brightness setting 1-2 times on resume from Sleep Mode. So, problem NOT solved. At least Windows 7 does not lag on resume from it, but still the graphics card is not functioning at maximum on resume from Sleep Mode.

Talks about creativity issues, have sparked major reviews in Microsoft's behavior lately, and some have questioned Steve Ballmer's performance. Microsoft recently warned of lapsing Windows support, which addressed the end of support for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista users. It seems Microsoft is making cuts where needed, and suffering in the process.

Is Microsoft's creative side going sour? With Google making a new social tool, Microsoft might be swimming in a sea of doubt for competition. And now, Facebook dumping Microsoft ads, Microsoft is beginning to get nervous and if this continuous "unfriendly" cycle continues, Microsoft may be all by themselves.


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