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Seems in today's computer world, we have people who think that they are immune to attacks or do not need a bunch of protection - despite their disgusting browsing habits. Some people don't have an antivirus, some not a firewall, and most do not have antispyware.

Antivirus software is the number one most critical component to computer security. The number two most critical component is a firewall. Number three most critical component is antispyware.

Your data is at risk when you decide to get Internet access on your home computer. With great things like P2P software, torrents, etc - comes a great deal of malware as well. It is no wonder so many Internet users are infected. Most users I see only have an antivirus software. But, IF YOU WANT P2P SOFTWARE - USE A FIREWALL! It is critically necessary when using P2P software. However, I do not recommend P2P software and would wish anyone I saw to uninstall it. Why am I so mad for? I am tired of helping users clean up a messy computer full of cracked (stolen) software, and music downloads. What is the big deal about buying your music? What is the big deal about buying software? It is not that hard.

Now, antispyware is critical as well, as this helps to super-protect your private data. Spyware is one of the most widespread, and although some antivirus software can detect spyware - they have little capability to fully remove it. An antispyware software has the capability to detect in real-time your browsing experience to help safe-guard you against threats that want to spy on your browsing habits and steal your personal data. Most of the spyware today is aimed at getting your email address, your home address, your telephone number (includes cell phone), your social security number, your date-of-birth, and your credit card/banking information. It is time to cease that threat and go fetch antispyware software.

To encourage you too get the right security build for your computer, let me extend some good options/recommendations of my own that will help to get it right:

Antivirus: Avira Antivir Free (
Firewall: Tallemu Online Armor (
Antispyware: Spybot Search & Destroy (

===Premium Internet Security Suites (choose only one)===
(This means you have all of protection in one piece of software)

Kaspersky Internet Security (
Avira Antivir Premium (
ESET Smart Security (
G-Data Internet Security (


You see, those are just some options. Those are the most recommended by me.

Keep yourself secure and Happy Computing.

DragonMaster Jay


Karla said...

Thanks for the suggestions of antivirus/firewall/antispyware...This answered one of my questions before I even asked...I'm definitely going to try your suggestions as soon as I get this Antivirus Soft Demo off of my computer as AVG doesn't seem to do the job.

Anonymous said...

I use Comodo Internet Security because it's free. It has the antivirus, firewall and proactive protection from 0-day exploits.

Unknown said...

Your post says everything! Antivirus is not enough for the security of your pc because its only kill the virus from your computer not in the network, Firewall security play a great role the same as controlling or securing the two network. Every packet of data first check it out before inbound and outbound than to network.

Rick Campbell said...

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jamesanderson said...

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Stephen John said...

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