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Microsoft just unveiled the new Windows Live Essentials and the role it plays in completing the Windows experience. Essentials is a suite of free software and services which includes Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, and Movie Maker – as well as Sync and Family Safety.

We all take a lot of photos and videos that we love to share. Windows Live Photo Gallery and Movie Maker now comes with intuitive tools for organizing photos and movies, in addition to providing consumers with the tools to polish and then share their content online. Some of my favorites include:

-          Photo Fuse.  Allowing you to take the best parts of similar photos and fuse them together into one “perfect” photo
-          Retouch. A great new feature which allows you to get rid of blemishes, scratches, bruises and stains on photos in a few clicks
-          Precision Video and Audio Editing.  Make it so simple for you to find  the sweet spot for each video or audio clip
-          High-Definition Formats (720p and 1080p). Now you can make your movies look even more polished and professional

Finally, a new tool introduced in the Windows Live Essentials family, Windows Live Sync. With Sync, you can access your files and folders on the web – even if your PC is offline.

Learn more about the new Windows Live Essentials at


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