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Microsoft has done up a showcase for the new Windows Phone 7. I have to say the video pretty well done compared to some of their Bing videos. In the video, they mentioned that current smart phone let you use apps "only one at a time, in and out. So what do we do now? We start over."

It seems most of the Microsoft services and products such as Xbox Live, Office, Messenger etc. will now have low level integration with Windows Phone 7. Awesome.

Catch the video here:


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james vegita said...

Microsoft's showcase for Windows Phone 7 is truly impressive, especially compared to some of their Bing videos. The video highlights a game-changing approach, emphasizing seamless multitasking and a fresh start for users. The integration of Microsoft services like Xbox Live, Office, and Messenger is a brilliant move, promising a cohesive and streamlined experience. Kudos to Microsoft for raising the bar with this innovative and user-friendly platform!
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Windows Phone 7 is an enticing option for smartphone consumers due to its flawless combination of appearance and functionality. Its modern UI, with its colorful Live Tiles and simple navigation, provides a welcome change of pace from the ordinary. Productivity and leisure easily converge when Microsoft services like Office and Xbox Live are linked. Its strong app ecosystem and seamless multitasking add to its allure and guarantee a dynamic user experience. Windows Phone 7 is genuinely amazing; from its eye-catching design to its smooth integration with Microsoft's ecosystem, it emanates sophistication and innovation.
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joe said...

"Showcasing the sleek and intuitive interface of Windows Phone 7, this platform truly sets the bar high for mobile innovation. With its seamless integration of productivity, entertainment, and communication features, it's not just a phone; it's a personal companion that enhances every aspect of your day. From its vibrant Live Tiles to its smooth multitasking capabilities, Windows Phone 7 redefines what it means to stay connected in style. Truly an impressive showcase of technology at its finest!"

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jonathanjames said...

"Showcase of Windows Phone 7 truly highlights the pinnacle of innovation and user-centric design. Its seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics sets a new standard in the realm of mobile technology. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Windows Phone 7 emerges as a beacon of excellence, redefining the way we interact with our devices. A true masterpiece in every sense, it's a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence by the brilliant minds behind it."

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